Malcolm Martin

Lead Candidate
Christian Peoples Alliance for London Assembly

 Lewisham Christian Peoples Alliance

Malcolm Martin

imageMALCOLM MARTIN is passionate about social justice. He has been an unpaid church leader in inner city London for many years and so has firsthand experience of the difficulties that people face and the help that is so often required. Malcolm runs his own business, has lived through two recessions, and has experienced the opportunities and difficulties of working in this field.

He was instrumental in the rebirth of Mildmay Mission Hospital as the first AIDS Hospice in Europe, negotiating with the then District Health Authority, presenting the case to the Secretary of State and leading in the arrangement of the initial financing.

He served as Chair of Governors of a primary school; and Chair of Premises for a secondary school in Southwark.

Malcolm led the project which rebuilt substantial parts of the secondary school. Malcolm took a sabbatical and attended London Bible College (now London School of Theology). Following this year he was invited onto the Board of Trustees and served there for 6 years, being part of the Strategic Development Committee.

At the same time he was one of the local church leaders who started Southwark Habitat for Humanity, a self build housing charity. He is currently the Chair of Trustees of a Christian Residential Care Home for the elderly in Dulwich, and led its rebuilding programme. He is a member of a local Baptist Church and a Street Pastor.

He has trained as a counsellor, but works professionally as a chartered valuation surveyor, providing strategic property advice to his clients.

Malcolm believes the following to be of prime importance to London:

  • a fairer city – especially by the reduction of current health inequalities
  • fair fares for families – a 25% reduction in fares for families with children
  • fitting homes for Londoners – delivery and upgrading of appropriate homes
  • a sustainable and green London – financial support for new green businesses
  • encouraging local economies – package of measures to support local businesses
  • marriage matters – enhancing and supporting traditional marriage
  • reducing youth violence – with an integrated programme of positive action
  • re-establishment of the right to life, from conception to natural death
  • the freedom of expression of conscience for all
  • the reform of our economics system

Our society must be fully geared to promoting the common good, with each person and organisation looking to the interests of others.

Two specific matters, on which Malcolm believes urgent action is required, are the reduction of premature deaths (4,267 in 2008) due to air pollution and an integrated, multi-agency, approach to people trafficking.

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Please see An Alternative Vision – A Seven Point Plan for London for more details.

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