Malcolm Martin

Lead Candidate
Christian Peoples Alliance for London Assembly

 Lewisham Christian Peoples Alliance

London Assembly Elections
Thursday 3 May 2012

There appears to be considerable confusion among many about the voting system being used next week and, in the interests of openness and fairness to all, I set it out:

  1. There are 3 ballot papers.
    • The first, PINK, is to elect the Mayor of London.
    • The second, YELLOW, is to elect a Member of the London Assembly for your specific ‘Assembly Constituency’. (Each of these is made up of two adjoining Boroughs, although four ‘Assembly Constituencies’ have more than two Boroughs).
    • The third, ORANGE, is to elect 11 Members to represent London as a whole.
  2. all voters have a first and second choice for Mayor on the PINK paper; and
  3. all voters have a single vote on the YELLOW paper for their Constituency Member of the Assembly; and
  4. all voters have a single vote on the ORANGE ballot paper for the Party or Individual of their choice.

The Christian Peoples Alliance is only standing on the ORANGE ballot under the title Christian Peoples Alliance – Supporting Traditional Marriage.

We are standing Londonwide, to give all who agree with us an opportunity to unite on the ORANGE ballot paper. We ask that, regardless of how you vote for Mayor, or Constituency Member, you vote:

Christian Peoples Alliance – Supporting Traditional Marriage

on the third, ORANGE paper.

I also ask that, if the issue of supporting traditional marriage is particularly important to you, you consider not voting for any candidate or party who seeks to redefine marriage.

This does two things:

  1. it reveals the truth that there is no democratic mandate for this proposed change;
  2. it means that no candidate can then say that you voted to redefine marriage.

Click here for details of our Alternative Vision for London based on sound, ethical, principles.

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