Malcolm Martin

Lead Candidate
Christian Peoples Alliance for London Assembly

 Lewisham Christian Peoples Alliance

Core Principles

Christian Democracy is based on six core principles:

social justice

respect for life

reconciliation and peace making

empowerment and localisation

wise stewardship

active compassion

These six principles are not mutually exclusive, but overlap like the Olympic circles. They also need careful consideration and application in practical situations, especially where they may appear to conflict. But in politics that is best worked out at the local level - in correspondence with the principle of empowerment at the lowest level.

Further details, and other specific policy outworkings, can be found by clicking each of the above or by clicking our views or by clicking here for the main CPA party website.

Choosing a
positive alternative

The Christian Peoples Alliance is a political party based on the Christian Democrat principles that seek to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to public policy. We are considered progressive on matters of social justice and economics and conservative on personal responsibility, social and moral issues.

Christian Democracy arose in the late 1800’s and is a political way of thinking that is found elsewhere in the world, particularly parts of Latin America and Europe, although in various places it has been diluted by secularisation. Click here for a good introductory article on Christian Democracy

Other pages of this website set out our core principles and our views on various specific matters. If there are areas that we have not covered that are of interest to you, please contact us.

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