Malcolm Martin

Lead Candidate
Christian Peoples Alliance for London Assembly

 Lewisham Christian Peoples Alliance

Welcome to Lewisham Christian Peoples Alliance

Choosing a positive alternative

We believe that, in the teachings of Jesus Christ, there is a positive alternative that can be put forward to the people of Britain, including the people of Lewisham. A positive alternative that is based upon the right to life and promoting the common good.

The right to life is not just about the issues of abortion and euthanasia, although it includes those. It is also about reducing knife crime; educating our young people so that they may experience a fulfilled life; having an efficient and effective health service; the retraining and re-education of offenders; the treatment of asylum seekers and our attitude to the Two-Thirds World, amongst many such other matters.

Similarly, promoting the common good, is far greater than a single issue. Based on the concept of each of us looking to the interests of others as well as our own, it moves beyond the current political agenda of human rights to one of human rights and responsibilities. It argues that our society works best for all when individuals, organisations, businesses and the state redefine their best interests from ‘self-interest’ to the interests of that wider society. It is intensely practical – the responsibilities of shareholders to their workforcecompared to their own financial interests (eg Cadbury); the responsibilities of unions to the wider public compared to their members (eg rail unions); the responsibilities of bankers to society as opposed to their bonuses are but three practical examples of where consideration of others could, and should, be fully taken into account in order to ensure that all decisions promote the common good.

Lewisham CPA fully supports the Westminster Declaration 2010

Choosing a
positive alternative

The Christian Peoples Alliance is a political party based on the Christian Democrat principles that seek to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to public policy. We are considered progressive on matters of social justice and economics and conservative on personal responsibility, social and moral issues.

Christian Democracy arose in the late 1800’s and is a political way of thinking that is found elsewhere in the world, particularly parts of Latin America and Europe, although in various places it has been diluted by secularisation. Click here for a good introductory article on Christian Democracy

Other pages of this website set out our core principles and our views on various specific matters. If there are areas that we have not covered that are of interest to you, please contact us.

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